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Chev - DOS/Command Prompt Reference

* This command is available only in non-English version of MS-DOS (i.e. Japanese version or etc.)

Change the current language. ([Windows] Recommended to use Chcp.)

Note: The below data is researched in Japanese MS-DOS. The syntax and etc. may differ from non-Japanese MS-DOS.


chev[.com]  [JP | US]

Sets the language to Japanese for JP and English for US environment.
Switching to the English environment allows the execution of applications, such as DOS games, that utilize graphics on the DOS platform.

If omitted, the current language will be displayed.


This command returns an exit code (error code). The error code vary depending on whether parameters are specified or not.

Without parameters
0English mode
1Japanese mode
With parameters
0The operation has finished successfully.
1Switching may have failed, but the process continued.
2The process was aborted at the point where the switch failed.
3The MS-DOS version may not be compatible, or the environment is not suitable for switching.
4Invalid parameter.